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Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Help us transport over four tons of aid. 

Over the last six years, M'ever LaYam has specialized in the export/import of care packages from America to lone soldiers in Israel. We're leveraging our relationships and experience to move over *four tons* of much needed items including clothing, shoes, children's toys and food items to Israel. 

Items have been collected in New York by Veronique Hadjibay, founder GIFT OF GIVING INTL and will be distributed in Israel by Yad L'Olim in Jerusalem and the Nof HaGalil Municipality's special warehouse for Ukrainian Refugees to replace their wardrobes left behind. 

We are raising $10,000 to cover all costs incurred in this feat. Any excess funds will be go towards providing continuous needs of these refugees. 

We are registered with New York's Jewish Communal Fund (JCF), Schwab Charitable, and Fidelity Charitable as M'ever LaYam. 

Donate with Credit Card through PayPal here:                   or Zelle to 

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