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From the soldiers:

"OMG....I've only watch a few of these [videos] but they are making me so happy I might cry. I want to truly thank you for this experience!"

- Sapir, matched with the 6th grade Hebrew Class at Adat Ari El Day School in Valley Village, CA 

"Wow they're so cute, thanks for the connection!"

-Ron on his student's videos.  Ron is matched with the middle school at South Peninsula Hebrew Day School, Sunnyvale, CA

"Thank you so much!!! We all really love and appreciate this program!"

- Noa, matched with Northwest Yeshiva High School, Seattle, WA

"My involvement with M'ever LaYam so far has been a really awesome experience. It's so cool to have this connection with students from my hometown, especially with an organization that I feel so connected to and already know some of the students that I'm corresponding with. I think that being connected to students and an organization from my hometown makes the program very unique. It bring a very special element to the program because the students I'm connected with can relate better to me, and me to them due to our similar journeys as Jewish teens growing up in the same hometown, forming a strong connection that doesn't exist in any other program.


"My favorite part about the program has been forming this new relationship with familiar faces from home. I love that I get to share my experience as a lone soldiers with students who can relate to my experience growing up in Scottsdale. I think it's important for them to have this opportunity to learn about what it means to be a lone soldier in the IDF, and gives them motivation to advocate for Israel in the way that they feel they can leave their biggest impact."

-Niv, matched with BBYO in Scottsdale, AZ

From students:

"Our members have benefited greatly from this program, for they know the importance of joining the IDF and understanding the commitment and hard work it takes. One of the soldiers my chapter received, Niv, happened to be a past member of our chapter, Kiviat. She explained what her role was in the IDF and why joining was so important to her. Hearing from a friend of ours opened their eyes to the numerous ways we can participate and help Israel from another country."

-Reann, Chapter Sh'licha of Kiviat, BBYO in Scottsdale, AZ

"The members of my chapter have benefited greatly from this project with our IDF soldier. They mainly took away that if you’re passionate, your love and connection to Israel can take you anywhere, even to serve in the IDF. They learned that they can serve their homeland, even if they weren’t born there. Some of my members felt that our soldiers actions were heroic and it inspired them and made their connection to Israel stronger. " 

-Elie, from Tovah Chapter of BBYO in Chandler, AZ

"I think that our members are truly benefitting from this program, because we get to really connect with IDF soldiers in a way that’s very personal and unique since we aren’t just writing letters to random soldiers. Interacting with soldiers from our hometowns also reminds us of the reality that Jewish people our age are leaving their homes to protect the Jewish home land, making us more grateful for Israel and the soldiers that protect it."

-Ilana, regional Sh'licha for BBYO Mountain Region

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