Every year, hundreds of young American Jews leave their homes, families, and communities to make "aliyah" to Israel. Some are born Israeli citizens and returning to fulfill their mandatory service. Due to their age, these new citizens of Israel are required to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Since they are alone and without family, these new recruits are called "Lone Soldiers". In their first months and years in Israel, they find themselves in foreign settings far away from the familiarities of home.  In order to show our appreciation, M'ever LaYam puts together personalized care packages filled with items that the soldier requests- which makes them both different and uniquely special. We cut through the red tape and hand deliver each package directly to their destination in Israel. 

M’ever LaYam, Hebrew for "across the sea", was originally developed with lone soldiers as partners in providing support to North American Jewry and to increase Diaspora Jews’ emotional attachment to Israel by connecting to students in organizations in their hometowns and sending updates on their service and their lives in Israel. While we will continue this work, we've expanded to allow individuals and organizations alike to sponsor packages for lone soldiers from their communities. 

Our Partners in Israel:

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