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Right now, soldiers are being sent to the front lines and are in need of basic items. We're using our connections and expertise to put together front-of-the-line care packages, which will be delivered to our partners on the ground for immediate distribution to soldiers. Each package costs $72 and includes socks, underwear, snacks, pocket warmers, body wipes, hydration and vitamin packets. 

We are also sending basic tactical equipment from the United States. We are currently outfitting 200 counter-terrorism troops from "Yamas Ayosh" who are in desperate need of gear. We need money to purchase these items for shipment and every dollar counts. On the donation page, you can choose to allocate your donation to front-line packages, or tactical equipment in the drop down menu. Please click here to donate today. 

Want to make sure we're legitimate?

1. Click the link to be taken to our 501(c)(3)IRS DETERMINATION LETTER
2. Check us out on the California Secretary of State website, where we're registered under M'ever LaYam. 

Since 2016, M'ever LaYam has been one of the only organizations assembling and delivering personalized care packages to Lone Soldiers from across America. A lone soldier is a soldier who has moved to Israel to serve in the army, leaving their parents and families behind. 


M'ever LaYam assembles, ships, and delivers personalized care packages from California to Lone Soldiers and National Service Members in Israel. 

Sent each Winter, packages can be  sponsored by individuals, schools, synagogues, organizations. Over the last 7 years, we've delivered over 1,500 care packages filled with snacks from home and much needed supplies and our recipients hail from over 30 different countries.


M’ever LaYam, Hebrew for "across the sea", was originally developed with lone soldiers as partners in providing support to North American Jewry and to increase Diaspora Jews’ emotional attachment to Israel by creating connections with Lone Soldiers serving in the IDF. We do this by connecting soldiers and care package sponsors, ensuring a personal connection during holiday time. 


Each October, we reach out to Lone Soldiers and invite them to fill out a Care Package request form. We then fundraise and match individual donors, student groups, synagogues and philanthropic organizations to soldiers. When we've reached our goal, we purchase goods, pack, ship, and facilitate delivery of care packages to the soldiers in Israel. 


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