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For the 2019-2020 School year, schools can sponsor care packages and will directly be connected with their soldier.

Lone Soldiers' ages can range from 18-27. Many of these new recruits have postponed college studies to serve in the IDF. Being connected with a Hillel allows them to stay connected to their peers, while at the same time giving students a chance to become friends with someone of their age who has chosen to follow a very different path.


When a lone soldier is drafted into the IDF from your area, they can be paired with your local Hillel. As a Hillel, you'll accompany them throughout their service, with the option to connect with additional soldiers each year. 


Upon matching with your soldier, you'll receive a short video introduction and presentation for use in your launch of the program. The best times to launch the program are at an Israel Shabbat or an event surrounding Israeli culture. For Hillel's with Campus Fellows from the Jewish Agency, they will the point person to facilitate this program at your campus. You will receive a short video update from your soldier every month or two, and your students will make videos to send in return. All communication is facilitated through M'ever LaYam. For Hillels who need extra assistance in programming, we can develop programs with you to introduce different topics on life in Israel and the IDF.


Each semester, your Hillel will send care packages with a value of up $50 to your soldier along with hand written letters of encouragement and any home made items such as friendship bracelets, drawings, etc. The participants will be responsible for raising the tzedakah to buy the contents of the care packages. In situations where this isn't possible, your Hillel may cover the cost. We believe that when participants are personally invested in their soldier, the emotional investment in the program and in Israel increases. Program fees are just $500 for the school year and include monthly program coordination, two care packages at $50 each, shipping, delivery, and customs clearance for the soldier's care packages. 


We believe that the best education is experiential education. Through forming relationships, writing letters, asking questions, raising tzedakah and fulfilling wishes, and meeting their soldier, participants are engaging with Israel on many different levels. College students will be able to take away many different meanings from their experience. As such, M'ever LaYam will work with you to develop educational programming that best suits the needs and background of your Hillel. While on your birthright trip, meet-ups with your soldier will be arranged and in many cases, we're able to place your lone soldier as a participant on your Birthright trip during your their second year of service. 


In fulfilling the care packages, soldiers will get to create "wish lists" of items they miss from home. Items are sourced by M'ever LaYam and packaged at our location in Los Angeles. Any letters or hand made items must be sent to our offices by specific deadline so they can be included in your package.  We will then delivery your package directly to the soldier’s residence Israel.